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Is Customized Weight Loss a SCAM?

"I can't tell you I was ever obese and then stumbled onto a fat loss miracle like everyone selling a fat loss product claims."

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The Customized Fat Loss Review

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The simplicity of the "Customized Fat Loss" program makes it stand out from other weight loss programs. The program, developed by Kyle Leon, advocates fasting once or twice per week which results in significant weight loss. He advises that the body can handle intermittent fasting. The metabolism will not be negatively affected and it will result in increased energy levels. This can be attributed to the hormones that burn fat which increase during the fasting period and results in weight loss.

Kyle Leon, who is an international best selling fitness author and creator of the breakthrough nutritional systems, "Customized Fat Loss. Kyle also serves on the fitness advisory board for BioTrust Nutrition, and is the senior product development consultant and spokesperson for Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Over the past few years, Kyle has specialized in helping tens of thousands of men and women customize their nutrition to experience rapid results in both lean muscle growth and fat loss.

The "Customized Fat Loss" program advocates lifestyle changes including an incorporation of training and good nutrition diet in order to achieve the best resutls from "Customized Fat Loss" This set the program apart from th eother quick weight loss scheme available over the internet.

So Does Customized Fat Loss Works?

The misconception of consuming pills, powders or potions, silly exercise gizmos, fad diets or any other crap is being addressed effectively by Kyle Leon. He explains that for any weight loss program to work there must be reduction in the number of calories that are put in the body through the consumption of food. The "Customized Fat Loss" program offers a flexible way of restricting calories in the body and training which is different from a regular diet plan.

Kyle Leon Scammer

It is difficult to find a program that aids in weight loss and provide you with results is not easy,. However, the probability of success increases with "Customized Fat Loss". As mentioned earlier, to lose weight effectively on this program it is important to have a balance between physical activity and healthy diet.

Turbocharging metabolism is one of the objectives set out in the "Customized Fat Loss" program to help you lose weight. The program provides guidelines to help in the development of a unique eating style resulting in the consumption of less food. The eating style is not dependent on any diet plan. The focus is on the reduction of food that you are eating on a regular basis.

Most people’s favourite foods are the ones that contribute to weight gain. They should be avoided or reduced to be able to reach your desired weight goal. Fortunately, the "Customized Fat Loss" program supports the reduced consumption of a variety of foods but does not eliminate them from your diet. The types of food that contribute to faster weight loss are also highlighted as part of the program so that you have alternatives to the meals you want to eat when not fasting.

Control over food urges is also possible with this program because the body has adopted a way to deal with hunger especially during fasting days. Therefore, even on the days when you are allowed to eat, you will not over indulge because your body is satisfied with just enough food. The program can be adopted as a part of your lifestyle because of the benefits it offers.

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Pros and Cons of the Customized Fat Losst Program

Everyone can succeed using the "Customized Fat Loss" program as long as they follow the guidelines that have been set up by Kyle Leon. The program emphasizes the need to put an effort on the how to turbocharge the metabolism by doing the respective exercises. It is best for individuals who find diet plans to be very restrictive especially when it comes to eating their favourite foods. Before making a decision on whether to be part of the "Customized Fat Loss" Program to lose weight it is important to be aware of its advantages including:

There are savings with this program because less food that must be bought for the home. Since there is fasting one or two days of every week, the money can be used for other household needs.

Growth hormones are given a boost when on this program because of the days that you have to fast. The fasting provides the same results to the body as those that take place after the body has gone through a workout exercise. The energy levels also increase during the fasting days which reduce body fat resulting in weight loss.

Customized Fat Loss Success Story

The "Customized Fat Loss" will show you what food will awake the fat burning DNA within you, and how to turbocharge your metabolism with good diet and exercises!

The "Customized Fat Loss" program has some cons which include the challenge of sticking to the rigid training and diet plan.
The results of "Customized Fat Loss" program regarding weight loss are time consuming and may not be ideal for those looking for an instant solution.

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